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St Pete SEO .com opened in 2013 with a goal to help St Petersburg business websites rank in the search engines. We did and quickly realized we were great at other online business needs such as social media marketing, business web design, logo design and quality written content for blogs and web pages. We learned how to rank in Google Maps and we continue to learn the secrets of the Internet while exemplifying reliable and professional services. We put your business website pages in the best locations online and in the search engines so that as many people as possible see your product or service. Our optimization targets buyers and seekers so that your business will be first on their mind. Its all about location, location, location especially in local search! We love St Petersburg, FL and we love local businesses that prosper with St Pete SEO. We make your business shine online!

Google My Business (Maps)

*SPECIAL -- St Pete SEO will rank your local business website in the Google local map pack. This is a one-time service charge and is the best money you can spend in advertising for your local business.

Want your company to rank on Google Map Pack for your local website and business? We can help! St Petersburg search engine marketing appears to always change and in the last couple of years one of the best advantages for local businesses with a website and address is to rank in Google Map Pack search engine for local businesses. When your business lands in the map pack for your local St Petersburg business you will achieve page 1 ranking at the top of the page just below the paid ads and above organic search engine queries. These rankings can completely change your business bottom line.

Video Marketing

We rank videos on Youtube and Google for specific keywords. Search engine optimization is used to rank videos.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a viable opportunity for your local St Petersburg business to shine online, brand the business, and advertise your products and services locally.

St Pete SEO can build, maintain, develop or teach you how to manage your own social properties. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a couple of the social media platforms local business use to reach their target markets.

Let St Pete SEO get your local business social media marketing pages setup, optimized and ready for traffic

Web Design & Redesign

Good web design in St Petersburg, FL will help your business stand out online. St Pete SEO can build from scratch or redesign a business website that will look great on mobile and personal computers. Most St Pete web designers build a website but we design a website with search engine optimization integrated for best performance and ranking in the search engines. Our St Pete web design team can design a website for your national or local business. No job is to big or small but we have found that bigger isn't always better for a local small business needs online. File our discovery form for free consultation.

Logo Design & Brand Build

Our logo designer is awesome and we can build your business from scratch or re-brand if necessary. Professional logo design, info-graphics and internet marketing content are available.

We can create logos from scratch or we can duplicate a picture, draw out your idea/concept or look at your drawing and recreate it. Don't want to spend $300. on a logo. We don't want you to either.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

As Google continues to change St Pete SEO changes with them. PPC is a dynamic source of lead generation and gaining traffic online. This is yet another way we can grow your business. Pay per click ads work best with companies that are labeled as "Emergency" needs. Plumbers, air conditioner repair and bed bug removal are companies that do well with PPC ads.

St Pete SEO resides in FL, a St Petersburg search engine optimization and internet marketing company

puts your business in the best locations online.

If your business is looking for more customers in your local area or you are ready to attract a national presence online, you are in the perfect place. Search engine optimization gathers up all the people who type specific phrases into search engines online like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Those search queries bring those who searched to a page in that search engine with results that are credible based upon the keywords or search phrase typed based upon many factors. Our mission and goal is to make sure that your website is easily found online based upon the searches those people type in. It has been proven that if your website is on page 1 of any of the search engines available online that your business has a much better chance of being credible to customers searching and conversion of your product or service. This happens because people are looking for something particular when they search online and they trust those pages as an authority that are first in line. As well, the convenience factor is a major component.

So when St Pete SEO, in St Petersburg, Florida are able to monopolize on knowing what hundreds or thousands of people are searching for based upon what they type into search engine queries each month and we are able to find those searches that are high in searches but low in competition with other advertisers we can rank your web pages very high in the search engines. In some cases we can dominate the first page with more than one of your websites pages or by ranking other Web 2.0 sites like a St Pete SEO Facebook or YouTube channel.

Your business will thank you in organic SEO traffic, however if you want to generate revenue you will need a smart call to action and funnel built to allow your customer to easily navigate how to contact your business or to purchase your product or service. When you apply such St Pete SEO services to your business you will thank yourself for being smarter than your competition and allowing your business brand to grow.

SEO in St Pete is open for business and optimization in the search engines is what we do best. Your local St Petersburg, FL internet marketing company and online consultant.

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